Passion, creativity and dedication were the driving forces that lead to the creation of Danielle Emily Jewelry.

Founded by Danielle Altman in 2011, this unique and exciting line of jewelry combines Danielle`s passion for color, love of jewelry and energetic flare for life. Danielle Emily jewelry is proudly handcrafted and designed in Toronto, Ontario. The jewelry combines crystals, semi-precious stones and different metal finishing’s all to express your individuality. Born and raised in Montreal, Danielle exhibited an innate passion for jewellery with a keen sense on fashion. What started out as a hobby for a young girl has evolved into Danielle’s labour of love. Having worked in a local jewelry shop while attending McGill University, Danielle continued to make exclusive pieces that were sold to individuals as well as through a few shops and galleries in Montreal. Once graduated from McGill University, with a Degree in Marketing, Danielle decided to further her expertise in jewelry design and production and applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Jewelry Design program. After completing and graduating from the intensive two year program at F.I.T. Danielle returned to home to create her own brand, establishing Danielle Emily Jewelry.


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